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Thinking and communicating with data have become critical skills needed for today's data-rich society that can be used in any field. Businesses are constantly making data-driven decisions. That’s why it is important for you to be able to effectively interpret data and convey your ideas. These competencies have the potential to impact almost every aspect of your professional and personal life. 

FIU now offers a free data interpretation badge for your online credentials. The data interpretation badge will teach you the basic concepts of data and how to apply these critical skills to communicate decisions based on data. 

What will you learn? 

You will learn to interpret data trends and communicate ideas and analyses supported by the evidence. You will learn to summarize, visualize, and interpret data analytics, and will learn to prepare presentations and narratives with analytics while being sensitive to societal issues related to data privacy, security, and ethics. Upon completion of this micro-credential, you will: 

  • Understand the role played by data and data repositories in society 
  • Understand simple visualizations and summarizations of data repositories 
  • Interpret and analyze data trends and patterns 
  • Create presentations and narratives using data and visualizations 
  • Discuss the ethics, privacy, and security issues concerning data 
  • Communicate ideas and evidence with data. 

How to sign up?


The data interpretation badge will be available in:    
MAC 1147Pre-Calculus Algebra and TrigonometryFall section(s) - RVC, U06
STA 2023Statistics for Business and EconomicsFall section(s) - U01, U05
STA 2122Statistics for Behavioral and Social Sciences 1Fall section(s) - U01
STA 3123Statistics for Behavioral and Social Sciences 2Fall section(s) - U01


Looking to get this badge online at your own pace? If you’re interested in taking the stand-alone course online at your own pace, please fill out this form.  

These digital badges are only available to currently enrolled FIU students. Please ensure that by completing this form, you are confirming that you will be a current FIU student in the upcoming semester.

Get the Thinking and Communicating with Data badge